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Action Your On-Boarding!

Learning begins prior to joining the new firm or staring the new role. Your personal learning meter should be running from the moment you learn you’ve landed the job. Prior to Your Start-Day There a number of number of learning tools at your disposal to aid in...

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Is Your Business Card a Mystery Novel?

Below is an actual stack of biz cards that I collected over a few years. It represents unrealized opportunities. I recently un-buried myself from all the business cards I’ve collected over the past few years. While filtering through the cards, two ~equally sized piles...

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Why You Want To Attract Recruiters Via LinkedIn

I often hear from LinkedIn citizens that they’re pestered by recruiters about jobs, how they find it a huge annoyance, unprofessional, spammish, and they won’t reply. But what if recruiters were not contacting you? Having a recruiter contact you is an affirmation that...

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Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem

There is always one more feature to add usually as a result of a customer change request. Duke Nukem was the first first-person video game. I was ground breaking and crated a legion of players.  However, as with all software, the question of "what's the next feature?"...

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