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Systematic Approach to On-boarding

You need to determine what to learn and in what order or you’ll be quickly overrun with information.  You need a systematic approach. What do you need to learn cannot be accomplished via adhoc meetings.  You will be dragged into enough meetings as that’s the nature of...

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On-boarding, 4 Steps to Getting Started

Make a conscious effort to begin and lead your on-boarding. Don't wait for it to happen. 1. What made you successful in the past won’t guarantee success in your new role. Don’t treat the new role the same as previous roles. 2. Your past strengths could now be a...

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On-boarding – Risks

Excelling at on-boarding is becoming a skill as it’s common to change roles every 2-3 years. Here are three areas of risks when on-boarding. Aligning your Strengths & Vulnerabilities to the New Role While it’s typical to blame an on-boarding failure on the new person,...

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On-Boarding? The Clock is Ticking

As a new employee you need to progress to the point where you’re giving back more to your employer than you’re costing them. In fact, your job may be a risk if you don’t get to the break-even point fast enough. The actions you take in the first 3 months often dictate...

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5 Ways to Pass the Employment Probation Period

You were hired because you are smart. Your employer has a high level of confidence in you. You were the best candidate! They want you to succeed. Here are 5 tips to help you through the employment probation period. 1. Work Longer A good work practice is to work an...

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On-boarding Primer

Every year about 25% of managers change jobs. Some get promoted, some laterally, and some transitioning into new companies. Virtually no one plans an onboarding strategy and as such, 75% of transitions fail to reap expected gains. “John looked so promising” but he’s...

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Action Your On-boarding!

Learning begins prior to joining the new firm or staring the new role. Your personal learning meter should be running from the moment you learn you’ve landed the job. There a number of number of learning tools at your disposal to aid in ramping-up before you join: Ask...

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Is Your Business Card a Mystery Novel?

Below is an actual stack of biz cards that I collected over a few years. It represents unrealized opportunities. I recently un-buried myself from all the business cards I’ve collected over the past few years. While filtering through the cards, two ~equally sized piles...

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Why You Want To Attract Recruiters Via LinkedIn

I often hear from LinkedIn citizens that they’re pestered by recruiters about jobs, how they find it a huge annoyance, unprofessional, spammish, and they won’t reply. But what if recruiters were not contacting you? Having a recruiter contact you is an affirmation that...

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Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem

There is always one more feature to add usually as a result of a customer change request. Duke Nukem was the first first-person video game. I was ground breaking and crated a legion of players.  However, as with all software, the question of "what's the next feature?"...

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